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No one presents drum & bass as an eclectic genre quite like Rene LaVice. Whether it's the tell-tale, grinding snare of 'Where My Ladies At', or the soulful vocal lead A-list record 'The Calling', he's already demonstrated a creative aptitude, even before his first output on Ram Records.

But following up on the monumental success of his recent singles, the Canadian producer again offers up two fresh new cuts exposing yet another side of his musical capabilities. However, what can you expect from an artist who's played stages on both ends of the spectrum this summer; whether on the packed out platform of Download Festival, or the infamous Glastonbury.

'Part of Me' is vastly different from the rest of his discography, although still following the same explosive vibe prevalent throughout all his music. Providing a glimpse into the influences which have helped create his identity as an artist, the vocals crossed against a cinematic intro, underpinned with strumming guitar picks, presents the perfect embodiment of Rene's creativity. Featuring renowned artist BullySongs, who helps to build each chorused crescendo, it's a track which certainly sets the benchmark for Rene's forthcoming LP.

On the flipside, 'Untribaled' provides a darker hue. Creeping, ominous and peddled forward on fluctuating beat patterns and growling distortion, that first break plunges you down through a gaping chasm of snapping hi-hats and clunking cow bell. An LFO-lead bassline takes you deeper into the mix, cut at interludes by zapping, lazer-like synth.

Another step closer to his second album release, a precedent has been set. And with anticipation only growing, this final single increases the appetite for Rene's next LP 'Play with Fire'.

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