Stealth: Top Ten Influences

After the success of his latest release on Program 'Homage (Back To You)' and it's explosive B-side 'Smash it', we caught up with Stealth to fill us in with who he's taken influence from over the years.

Featuring tracks from Aphex twin and Photek, this is definitely a chronology for some of the biggest dance anthems to date.

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1. Dillinja - Nasty Ways

Dillinja is undeniably one of the most influential artists ever to grace the scene. A tough choice, as there are some of his older tunes that I could have put here instead like Threshold, Angels fell etc, that I love maybe even more. However, the cybotron era around the album was when he really carved out a sound that was truly unmistakable and still something I feel nobody has matched even now. Massively inspirational.The raw drums and bass are just so insanely large and unique. Nasty ways is an anthem that still sounds as fresh as ever and absolutely destroys any dance floor anywhere to this day.

2. Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up

Real hard to pick just one of their tracks as an influence, because they were all so influential on me and everyone else growing up in that era listening to dance music. This is probably what I consider to be their best work all round though. Proper rowdy. Brilliant use of samples and amazing production as always from Liam. The video was epic too.

3. Optical - the shining

Ed rush and Optical have had a massive impact on the whole drum and bass scene period. The wormhole album changed our music forever and people still try and emulate that sound to this day... There's something about the vibe on this particular tune though that still just does it for me with every listen. It's timeless. Makes me feel like I'm cruising down some industrial super highway in a dark dystopian future. Maybe that's just me… Either way, Optical absolutely nailed it on this one. The remix was incredible too.

4. M83 – Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun / outro

I challenge anyone to listen to either of these tracks and not feel moved. I couldn't pick between the two as they both inspire me so deeply and blow me away in the same way. Makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up every time I hear either of them. The vibes are just so epic and powerful it's unreal. It's like listening to the soundtrack of the universe... Beauty, darkness, life, death, creation and oblivion, all encapsulated in a piece of music.

5. Goldie – Inner City Life

This track changed a lot of people's perception of what drum and bass is and can be. Undoubtedly one of the finest pieces of drum and bass ever written to this day. End of story.

6. Aphex twin - window licker

Aphex Twin is a don. He's been around since the birth of electronic music and has stayed at the forefront to this day. Some of his stuff is a bit to out there for me, but still inspirational no end. This track though, shows that when he chooses to stay in the box, he can absolutely nail it, whilst remaining disgustingly original at the same time. Absolute genius. Alberto balsam is another of his tunes that I love and think shows the same degree of understanding and mastery of music too. A truly inspiring artist.

7. Photek – Hidden camera

I have always been a big fan of Photek's work. There are many other obvious choices from his back catalogue that I could have made here, especially as this is not even drum and bass tempo. However, this tune has always stuck out to me. It's so great to hear that different take on things from a producer within our genre. It has just the right amount of obscurity in the rhythms and classic musicality to always keep it interesting yet still coherent. This was definitely a huge inspiration for me to work at different tempos/genres.

8. The future sound of London - Papua New Guinea

This to me is/was quite literally the future sound of London; a track that stands out as a benchmark of the musical movement that spawned everything we do today. An apex moment of hardcore, it encapsulates rave culture in its fullest. The vibe is just pure ecstasy.

9. Justice - Genesis

This tune just absolutely oozes attitude, originality and coolness. One of the biggest, rawest and most aggressive dance tunes that I think has ever been made. The arrangement is absolute perfection too. Every sequence is either a killer build up or savage droppage. No breather, just pure badness.

10. Hanz Zimmer – Time

A piece of music that just tells a whole story in itself. Intensely sad and beautiful at the same time, with so much emotion and depth, all from such a simple chord progression. Amazing. It never loses its appeal.I have always aspired to one day make something that even comes close to inspiring such feeling in the listener. Zimmer is a true master of the art.


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