Program: EastColors - Toys/CreeperOut Now on Digital & Vinyl

Playing a major role on both the ‘Programmed V1.0’ and ‘Programmed V2.0’ EPs, it was only a matter of time before EastColors released a full single with Program. Naturally, he’s stepped up. And he’s done so with two prize-fighting productions.

‘Toys’ is a one-way ticket to the furthest boundaries of the cosmos. Warm pads purr while a frosty arpeggio twinkles and subtle guitar strums shimmer softly in the background. An ageless reminder of how delicate certain elements of D&B can be when conjured in the right hands, ‘Toys’ will instantly arrest your crowd’s imagination. Countering the dreaminess with raw bass drama, the beats and chubby subs ensure full weight and presence. Complete with a modest, memorable vocal refrain, it’s the perfect balance of elements.    

‘Creeper’ sets a much darker agenda: Opening with oceanic synth washes, an unrelenting breakbeat looms ominously in the mix. Firing hi-hats take the lead before we’re plunged into a cavernous drop where layers of irresistible bass envelop us. What follows is an industrial strength roller of junglist proportions. Referencing the past to lock fully into the future, this is EastColors at his most chiselled and uncompromising.

Russia’s a hotbed for D&B talent right now, but few of its exports come close to EastColors in terms of creative skills and technical abilities. A crucial contributor to the label since its earliest incarnations: It’s time, once again, to get with the Program!