Azumai's Debuts His First ProgRAM Solo ReleaseThe 'Festima' EP Drops from Azumai!

Azumai has been a staple of line ups across Japan, helping to grow its electronic music culture as well as the hold drum & bass has on cities like Tokyo. With support from some of its most notable figures, such as DJ AKi, he’s moving overseas into the discography of ProgRAM, first making an appearance alongside Mountain and Maozon. This time he moves under the RAM and ProgRAM banner for a brand new EP, featuring four fresh self standing deliveries.

'Festima' is named after the masks and arts festival in Burkina Faso, an event which Azumai witnessed as a child through films and with sounds which he felt fit with the EP’s sonic structuring. Incredibly intricate shifting layers of percussion characterize opener ‘Ah Eh’, with ‘BOI’ alongside its keyed sequences and ‘Festima’ following next through its atmospheric samples and 4/4 structure. ‘Frog Theory’ presents itself last, featuring shuffling breaks and grumbling basslines. So once again, it’s time to get with the ProgRAM. Spearheading the rise of another great production talent.