PIPEBOMB Finally Arrives on RAM RecordsPIPEBOMB finally arrives from Raiser, Zeal and Coppa

‘Pipebomb’ sees not just the long-awaited comeback of Raiser, after an explosive debut on RAM Records with a controversial first single, but also Zeal although this time under the RAM Records seal of approval. After Raiser made himself known with records such as ‘The Weapon’ and ‘Game Over’, Zeal has followed a legacy with RAM’s sister-label ProgRAM. Now graduating on RAM through his collaboration alongside Raiser on ‘Pipebomb’, which also features lyrical host and Coppa, they’re here to do some damage with this heavy artillery.

‘Pipebomb’ oozes with the recognisable RAM Records sound, one it's spent thirty years manufacturing and one which artists like Raiser and Zeal have helped to create. Unforgiving with blast-like bass stabs and sharp snares slicing their way through the tracks every breakdown, ‘Pipebomb’ includes the vocal call-to-arms of Coppa to give it an extra splat of energy. For 2023 RAM Records returns with some identifiable figures, cutting through the noise and presenting the New Year at an already accelerating speed.



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