Focusfire Deliver their 'Forgotten' EPNew EP Drops on ProgRAM!

Russian drum & bass stalwarts Focusfire are a staple part of RAM and ProgRAM’s make up, dropping several projects under the umbrella including tracks as part of the raucous RAM Rave Eps as well as their own packages within sister-label ProgRAM’s catalogue. They now push forward with this legacy through a new four-track collection, named the ‘Forgotten EP’ and proving they’ve been anything but.

The flipping pitched beats of ‘Forgotten’ starts proceedings with a grating sonic bassline, meanwhile ‘Fast Wave’ stands in second place through free-falling breaks and skipping drum rhythms. ‘Way Out’ lays down its distorted sonics meanwhile ‘Mindhunter’ carries itself as the final delivery, with its shaking metallic grooves. So once again, it’s time to get with the ProgRAM. Offering Focusfire the stage for another expedition into their sound.