UKato Drops His ProRAM DebutHis Debut EP on ProRAM is out today!

The ‘Aether’ EP is a brand-new package wrapping up twelve months of releases on ProgRAM, spearheaded by an artist about to make his debut on the platform. Comprising four brand new tracks, India based UKato has taken influence from the hotbed of talent coming through his local scene and seeping this into the worldwide scene. Through his ‘Aether’ EP, he introduces himself on ProgRAM and proves why India has quickly become a country renowned for its drum & bass exports over recent years.

With the revving sounds of its title-track, down to the rhythmic waves of ‘Parameter’, his production skillet is all encompassing. ‘Fractal’ with its shattering urgency and ‘Delhi Shuffler’ through its scattered drum levels pull the package together. So once again, it’s time to get with the ProgRAM. Demonstrating its range for worldwide talent alongside this next release.