Ephyum Debuts with Knockback and DiaphonousA New Debut Drops on Program!

Ephyum is a drum & bass producer hailing from Italy, and he joins ProgRAM for their forthcoming single and one of its final chapters for 2021. Delivering his charismatically polished yet darkly ominous sounds, Ephyum pulls no punches with every track he lets loose on his audience. The sister-label of RAM Records, ProgRAM is also renowned for its harder underbelly and Ephyum is the perfect example of that.

The thumping draws of ‘Knockback’ with its driving LFOs gives a backdrop to its flipside ‘Diaphanous’, following with an ominous intro alongside groove chiseled by its biting drums. So once again, it’s time to get with the ProgRAM. Taking you down into its deeper trenches for another release.