Hillsdom Release Their Debut RAM Records SingleHillsdom return with more new music!

Hillsdom have graduated onto the RAM Records schedule after a string of singles on the imprints sister-label, but they now present a standalone debut under RAM's umbrella with ‘Fauxtopia / Gaslight’. From the RAM Rave series through to their ProgRAM deliveries, Hillsdom has been grinding in sonic solitude and it’s now time for the duo to reveal their work on RAM, of a standard that has seen them gain notoriety in recent years.

The story begins with ‘Fauxtopia’ as ascending synth chords accompanied with creeping arpeggiators propel the listener into a sense of dystopia. The drop brings a whirlpool of bass-addled aggression with soaring harmonic layers, combining high energy and musicality that will get dance floors in a frenzy.

With the flip side - as is the vibe - ‘Gaslight’ demonstrates soulful, hopeful, piano-infused melodies, that have been blessed with the uniquely talented vocals and songwriting skills of Maddy.

It’s a move for Hillsdom which sees them build on already impressive foundations, and with the approval of Andy C they fit perfectly within the caliber of RAM's prestigious roster.