Low:r Comes with 'Mindset / Parsley Soda' on ProgRAMLow:r releases new music on Program!

‘Mindset’ and ‘Parsley Soda’ are two tracks of musical exploration from Low:r, forthcoming on Program, where he returns to form following his previous releases 'The Journey' via the imprint. Known for his lush texturing and melodies this forthcoming record is no different, drawing you into the sounds of Low:r yet also giving the label's audience a twist on his signature.



Both tracks ring true of the sounds Low:r is renowned for, but also with an energy reinforcing the driving motions of ‘Mindset’, whilst the rolling drum rhythms of ‘Parsley Soda’ with its electro style synths add to its danceability. So once again, it’s time to get with the Program – a place that enables producers to push their boundaries as artists.