AC13 Detonates First Ram Release 'Akimbo / Transition'New music from AC13 drops on Ram today!

AC13 makes his debut on RAM Records, a meeting of two figures with one being a highly established name who’s risen through the ranks in recent years, whilst the other has nearly 30 years of history as a leading label within the drum & bass genre. It’s the meeting of two camps, one which was inevitable.



'Akimbo' and ‘Transition’ ft. Brighton based Eazy are the tracks which AC13 presents to make his first mark within the RAM echelons. Already receiving support from names such as Andy C, Bou and Serum, at mainstay venues such as Printworks and Forbidden 42, both tracks have already been tested throughout the New Zealand club and festival circuit this year. With ‘Akimbo’ first introducing AC13 to the RAM catalogue with its chaotic, flipping drums and guttural bass pads, on the flipside, 'Transitions' featuring Eazy is just as powerful through its raw grittiness. Standing tall with the heavyweights, AC13 makes a stamping entrance, bringing with him his signature for the RAM seal of approval.