SyRan are back with another RAM Single!SyRan return with two more slammers!

SyRan are one of the newest duos on the Ram roster, but their upfront, undeniably bass heavy selections have enabled them to rise to notoriety in just a short space of time. Sitting within the records of the legendary imprint, they’re about to follow up their debut and sophomore releases with another single that proves they’re here to take no prisoners once more.

With manic rave stabs and clambering breaks, ‘Guitar Dub’ sits first with a strung-out bassline slicing through the record’s core. Meanwhile sitting on the flipside is ‘Emissary’, a different vibe from its predecessor through its low-stepping subs and grinding LFOs (wait for the switch up at 1.28!). SyRan do what they do best and that’s take old-school influences and mold them through the new era’s lens – which is why they stand as one of the most exciting acts to come through Ram’s camp in recent years.



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