Hillsdom Drop Their Next Program SingleHillsdom return to Program...

The next single on Program is once again from rising talents and duo Hillsdom, a patiently awaited sophomore release on the imprint. After debuting for an imperative standalone release earlier this year on the imprint with the smooth sounds of ‘Tell Me Your Lies / Stone Soul’, as well as being part of the illustrious Ram Rave series, they make a comeback midway through 2021 with another climatic output.

Forthcoming records ‘I Wonder’ and ‘Igloo’ merge together the pair's upfront musicality and the lush textures which can be heard throughout their back catalogue. ‘I Wonder’ features tantalising, steppy twists as ‘Igloo’ is driven forward by its zipping bassline and shifting layers. So once again, it’s time to get with the Program. With another production team who are becoming familiar faces under its banner.