ALB Drops his Solstice EPNew EP has landed from ALB!

ALB’s blend of lush musicality and rolling bass rhythms provides the perfect accompaniment for any late night summer evening, one of many reasons why he was selected to provide a breath of fresh air to the Ram Records catalogue. A new generation of producer, his previous deliveries through the imprint which have included his ‘Voyage’ and ‘Vintage’ EPs alongside a string of singles have proven his viability within the echelons of such a significant roster.


The forthcoming EP from ALB is an education of the producer’s talent, with the shifting textures of ‘Let Go’ and the emotive underpinning of ‘Problematic’ setting its stage. Title-track ‘Solstice’ offers deeper undertones meanwhile ‘Stay’ will drive you into the heart of any emotionally led DJ set. It’s another epic package prepared for by ALB and another step in his journey with Ram Records.