tunnl vision Drops Debut EP on ProgramNew EP out now on Program!

Estonian based duo tunnl vision make a triumphant return under the Ram banner, following a career which has seen a slew of releases through older aliases. However, with this new direction they wanted to make their impact felt on Ram’s underground sister-label through their ‘Uprising’ EP. Tunnl vision's first independent release on the Program podium.


The ‘Uprising’ EP shows their listener that tunnl vision is here to take no prisoners through this updated journey. With the soaring highs of ‘Matrix’ weighted through its grinding bassline, sat next to the emotions injected into the rolling undercurrent of ‘Moondust’, tunnl vision proves their expertise at mixing the dark and light elements of music production. Finishing the track list is the urgency of ‘Speedhack’ and cascading falls of ‘Uprising’ - bringing together another package which demonstrates once more why it’s time to get with Program.