Prestige's Beautiful EP Drops TodayA brand new EP on Program!

‘One Big Place’ from Russian drum & bass producer Prestige was his last foray on the underground imprint Program, followed by his exclusive on its sister-label Ram Record's classic 2021 annual later on in the year. He’s set to make a comeback with his ‘Beautiful’ EP this summer, once again standing on his own to present a selection which adds to his already impressive, growing repertoire.

The rhythmic pulses of ‘The House Tour’ is the EP’s entrée, followed by the percussive hooks of ‘Let’s Wrap’, the note pads of ‘Afraid’, the feverish urgency of ‘Fever’ and finishing on the grinding bass pulses of title-track ‘Beautiful’. The EP helps to expand his journey as an artist, so once again, it’s time to get with the Program. A label renowned for fostering similar careers.