Jabba Returns to ProgramJabba's new EP brings him full circle

The ‘Axis’ EP from German drum & bass producer Jabba brings the artist full circle under the Program banner following his previous releases on Ram’s sub-label. Promoting his raucous sounds on the imprint’s ProgramLive takeover in 2020, he follows with four fresh selections packaged neatly within his forthcoming ‘Axis’ EP.

‘Axis’ sets the tone with snapping snare drums and an urgency amongst its swirling breakdowns, as next up ‘Critical Circuit’ rolls you through its layers of percussion. ‘Kontrast’ is then compartmentalised by its slicing synthesis and wrapping up the collection, ‘Focus’ drops into subterranean bass levels. So once again it’s time to get with the Program - with Jabba taking the reins for another part of its catalogue.