Killbox Unleashes Cypher PatternA fresh selection drops from Killbox!

Ed Rush and Audio are about to present their next full-length LP on the historic Ram Records and it signifies why Killbox have decimated speaker stacks since the duo's creation. They pull together decades worth of history whilst adding contemporary production standards, demonstrated throughout the slew of singles which are leading up to the explosive unleashing of their ‘Devine Profits’ album.

‘Cypher Pattern’ represents the next progression towards the release of ‘Devine Profits’ and its seismic breaks give an old-school undercurrent on top of sci-fi inspired stabs. Each breakdown comes as thick and fast as the last and ‘Cypher Pattern’ takes no prisoners. Killbox are edging closer to ‘Devine Profits’ and 'Cypher Pattern' proves their maintaining their legacy throughout its voyage.



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