Hillsdom Debuts on ProgramHillsdom Comes With a Brand New Single!

Since their first release on Ram, on part 4 of the imprint’s explosive Ram Rave series, the production duo have been working hard to prepare the next part of their journey on its sister-label. With a plethora of releases under their belt, as well as a host of tastemaker support which has seen the young producers listed as certified ‘ones to watch’, their individual debut on Program is set at a dizzying standard with ‘Tell Me Your Lies’ and ‘Stone Soul’.

In the first act, ‘Tell Me Your Lies’ introduces the urgent vocals of Sayntei into the fray alongside distorted bass tones. The reverse brings the listener ‘Stone Soul’ featuring the lush textured voice of Tabou frontman Emmanuel and the streaming keyed melodies of Hillsdom adding to its emotional crescendos. It’s a stunning step forward for Hillsdom, highlighting again why they’ve been thrust under the spotlight. So once again, it's time to get with the Program.