Bensley Drops New Single Alongside Flite RemixBensley returns to Ram!

'Muskoka' by Bensley set out to define him as an artist who uses his talent to explore the full scope of what electronic music has to offer. Never limiting himself to one tempo or prototype, he showed fans throughout 2019 that his development on the Ram platform has seen his artistry grow without restrictions. Taken from the LP, ‘Secrets’ ft. Sarah Carmosino highlights Bensley’s same direction for this year, pinpointed through its assembled looseness and laid-back rhythms, whilst Sarah’s vocals lay seamless against its melodies.

US artist Flite presents the single’s reverse, producing a turbulent drum & bass twist with gritty bass breakdowns. Hand selecting Flite for the rework, Bensley returns on Ram whilst maintaining his imaginative consistency on the label.



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