Focusfire's 'Nonverbal' EPNew EP from Program!

Having already released on Ram Records under his Fascad alias, through their Ram Rave series, their last annual compilation and through the sister-label Program as part of its seminal 100th release, he returns alongside Ignescent label owner Deen Pride but under a different pseudonym. ‘Focusfire’ was one of Fascad’s tracks which saw the producer gain international recognition and it's also the duo’s new artist title, which their brand new EP forthcoming on Program will fall under, whilst they maintain the dancefloor infected talent which caught the imprint’s attention.

The frenzied drum work throughout ‘New Order’ sets the levels for the EP whilst growling patches of bass maintains the momentum for ‘Cracked Up'. Sculpted grooves punctuate the mix of ‘Nonverbal’, meanwhile ‘Catacombs’ and ‘W.I.S.Y’ continue with the EP’s hectic intensity. With Focusfire now taking the wheel, it’s once again time to get with the Program - this time concentrating on its nastier sounds.