Akov drops his debut on ProgramAkov adds himself to the Program catalogue!

With one foot placed firmly in Vienna and the other in the UK, Akov has extracted the very best from each scene and injected this into his music. Everything from his production, live presence and persona as an artist is notorious, which has led to him being one of the most renowned newcomers from over the past two years. And it's since given him a platform through Ram’s sister-label Program. It’s the home of his forthcoming single ‘No More’ and ‘Lights Out’, following his unique release on the Ram Record's 2020 compilation ‘Troubles’ ft. MC Mota and Urso. Although this time, it’s a return to his no-holds-barred, stripped back sound.
With the plucky, driving energy of ‘No More’ being delivered alongside the upfront, bass-twisting elements of ‘Lights Out’, it’s once again time to get with the Program. Although this time, it’s with Akov taking you into his own design.