Mob Tactics Release 'Eject' EPThe next installment from Mob Tactics on Ram!

The relationship between Mob Tactics and Ram has stretched throughout the years, with the duo becoming regulars amongst the label’s index. They now make another appearance on the label, after the release of their ‘Ram Rave’ exclusive and the success of their breaks-heavy single ‘LDN Bass’. Although this time, it’s for a four-track EP, their biggest body of work to date on ram and one which solidifies their connection with the imprint.

From the chaotic, footwork inspired sounds of ‘Thumper’, through to the steppy note rhythms of ‘Clipped’, there’s a taste to fit every palette. With its futuristic samples, ‘Eject’ follows whilst ‘Bulldozer’ focuses on its fluctuating, bass-heavy impact. Mob Tactics now sit firmly within the Ram moniker and their ‘Eject’ EP signifies exactly why.  



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