Upgrade Releases New Single on Ram RecordsUpgrade Drops 'You Got Me'

Upgrade has been a frequent guest on the Ram Records catalogue; first coming through as part of their formative compilation series, he’s done this whilst crossing an array of subgenres to prove the range of his musicality. Following his recent standalone single ‘Won’t Hold Back’ on the imprint, one which underlined his vocal talents, he returns with a track featuring another flavour.

With slamming breaks and an old-school rhythm, ‘You Got Me’ shines a light on the moodier side of Upgrade’s production. Its rave-era esque samples provide the record's call to arms, juxtaposed by the breakdowns underpinned by its harmony.  This is a slight move away from his usual jump-up vibe and instead goes for a classic Ram Records back catalogue piece. A sure way to capture its widespread audience.



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