The seminal Program 100 Release is hereProgram's 100th Release Finally Lands

The 100th part of Program’s discography is about to drop and with it you’re reminded of a huge part of the imprint’s history, spanning across a colossal number of releases and representing an important section of the drum & bass underground. Split into three parts, Program 100 will realign you with the sounds which gained the international attention which Ram’s sister label now enjoys, having broken away from its counterpart whilst creating its own place within the dance music market. For its first package, you’re given remixes, exclusives and VIPs as part of the Sampler. And these include tracks which have been heralded as this year’s most sought after dubs, by the likes of trend setting players such as UKF and Red Bull.
Marking the first part of its track listing, the growling Skantia rework of LoKo’s ‘Bassline Secret’ will be a welcome introduction for many drum & bass listeners. Ram Records stalwarts Calyx & Teebee then have their take on Legion & Logam’s ‘House of Cards’, before Eastcolors' ‘Toys’ gets the VIP treatment. Fascad makes his Program debut with ‘Bull’ and Eazy’s ‘Lushen’ oozes with the technical Program vibe. Rounding off the sampler is Glitch City & Night Shift’s ‘Spider’s Web’ and they make their first appearance on Program yet fit perfectly within its ranks, delivering a murkier undertow from their usual offerings. In just six tracks, the label’s team have painstakingly selected music which defines its journey, from its beginnings to now. So once again, it’s time to get with the Program, although this time its for its most expansive sequence to date.


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