Noel - Reborn LPNoels debut album on ProgRAM



Having already wrapped up three EP’s – ‘Shelter,’ ‘Watching’ and ‘Rhythm Flow’ respectively – Noel ties it all together on his debut long-player out on June 21st, ‘Reborn.’ Combining those previous releases plus four brand new tracks, ‘Reborn’ is the end product from a producer whose aim was to once again immerse himself in drum & bass, and in ProgRAM found the perfect home to do so.


As one of four of the album’s exclusives, title track ‘Reborn’ steps with edgy synths patterns and rippled, arpeggio melodies. ‘Mist’ team’s jazzy basslines with electric guitar riffs and Jungle-esque breakbeat percussion adding a live feel. ‘Tremor’ is a half time beast drawn out of minimal electro sounds and an ear-catching, pitch-bending vocal snippet. The last of the exclusives and closing out the album as a whole, ‘I Can’ is an atmospheric roller; delicate beats and a lead sound sampled from a dukduk (an Armenian national instrument), plus a perfectly utilised spoken word sample, giving it a real statement of intent. Add these to established favourites like ‘Cosmic’, ‘Don’t Leave Me’ ‘Watching’ and ‘Girlfriend’ and you can see and hear why he’s such a good fit on the label.


Being the first ever artist album to be released on ProgRAM, Noel definitely cements himself in the label’s history. ‘Reborn’ is a cohesive body of work from the talented Russian – and is proof of what happens when you get with the ProgRAM.