PRG:MIX 013 - LogamNext up in our Program mix series!

Logam is up next for the Program mix series following his new single on the label 'Back & Forth' alongside Armanni Reign. Free download as usual!


Machine Code - Space Goat [Eatbrain]
State of Mind - Leapfrog [Eatbrain]
Logam - Back and Forth feat. Armanni Reign [Program]
Audio = Ambush [RAM]
Kove - Tonight [Drum & Bass Arena]
State of Play - Poor Mans Deal (Konflict Remix) [Aspect]
unknown - unknown
Inward, Hanzo, & Randie - Bloom [C4C]
Wilkinson - Brand New [RAM]
unknown - unknown
Tali feat. Anthony Kasper & dLo - Silhouettes [Fokuz]
Maverick Soul - Silhouette [Emcee]
DaTune - War Path [Program]
Sobo - Break My Heart [Code]
Gerra & Stone - East Point [Flexout]
Mayhem & Logam - Aphelion [Santoku]
Des McMahon - No Need To Speak [Santoku]
Humanon - Born in November [Lifestyle]
Crematorium - Lotus [Locked Concept]
Legion & Logam - House of Cards feat. Adam Wright [Program]
Des McMahon - Ghost [Santoku]
Qua Rush - Anahata [Tesseract]
Invadhertz - Anxiety VIP [Delta9]
Collette Warren - Betrayal feat. Quadrant & Iris [Innerground]
Mean Teeth - Rattlefunk [Axon]
Invadhertz & Qua Rush - Damn [Delta9]
Dub Elements - Like This [DEM]





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