Interview With: Quentin HiatusFollowing his brand new release on Program...

We caught up with US-based producer Quentin Hiatus to discuss musical inspiration, unconventional drum and bass journeys and, of course, his brand new EP on Program…


Hi Quentin - pleasure to have you here today! How are the excitement levels!?

Ayyyyyyy! Honestly, I’m so high on this right now. I’m parasailing, my head is in the clouds. It’s a dream come true.

Glad to hear it, we’re super excited too! Tell us, where did your inspiration and ideas for the new tracks come from?

A couple different places – three major things that I care about: My family, my experience in rave culture and my experience as a black man in the United States. My goal is to fuse those things together. I have them on my mind all the time when I’m making tunes. I love all three experiences.


That’s some pretty powerful stuff… Where does music come into things? Is there any music that influenced this release?

For suuuuuure. I’ve said this before in other interviews, but I grew up in a single-mother household where gospel, blues and R&B were always in rotation. As I entered my teenage years, I dove into hip hop, punk and all sorts of stuff… Soon after came rave music. I had a special affinity for energetic, melodic music, and was really into UK hardhouse and hardcore as a young raver. I try to draw inspiration from all the things I love about each of those.

Talking of your youth, what’s your favouriteold school tune?

I’d say the tune that stuck with me the most,by far, is Layo & Bushwacka – Love Story (BKey remix). So much real in that tune.


What is it that you love so much about drum and bass?

Ya know, I love the energy, and I love how stimulating it is. I also love that it comes from a very similar place to where other brilliant music comes from:the streets. It’s very similar to hip hop in that way. It rose from the deep parts of urban life - struggle and the need to express.

Was it always obvious that that genre of music was your calling?

No, it wasn’t. When I first got into rave music, I was a 4/4 guy all the way. I loved punching relentless kick drums and high energy synth sounds. I was really into UK hardcore, for example. When I first started buying vinyl back in the early 2000’s, all my music was either UK hard house or hardcore – Vinyl Groover, Lee Haslam, BK, Brisk, Ham, and stuff like that. I didn’t get into drum and bass till around 2005, when a good friend of mine at the time introduced me to it. In fact, I didn’t like drum and bass at first!


That’s crazy! In the time since you discovered D’n’B, what would you say your biggest achievements have been?

Hmmm…Personally, I’d say being married and having a great family with my wife. We are very fortunate in how we’ve grown our lives together. Musically, I’d say having legends play my music – people that I grew up idolising, validating my sound. And, of course, my signing with RAM. It’s very surreal.

What’s in the bag for 2019?

More. More being myself. More music. More love. More dancing.

Love that! Well thanks so much for chatting to us today Quentin - we love the new EP, and are so hyped for what’s to come! Any words to wrap up?
Man, huge love to Jim Gash. I’ve known Jim for years – even before I started producing. He was a huge mentor in the beginning and he stuck with my sound as it matured. Big up Jim and the rest of the RAM family. Love to all my homies here in PHX - Thomas B, Ghast, Dehga, CLPRT, Moralz. Big up the homies in Seattle - the DeepNBass crew; Onset. Big up Brian Roguestate, and everyone at Translation, Colorado Recon, FLD, and None60. Big up Silent Dust, and my dude Sinistarr.

Love to my beautiful wife. Without her wisdom, poise and guidance,I’m not sure I’d be giving this interview.