Calyx & Teebee - Long Gone MOS Premier!Check out Calyx & Teebee's brand new track 'Long Gone' now!

On Monday Ministry of Sound Magazine premiered the brand new track from Calyx & Teebee entitled 'Long Gone', which sees the duo one step closer to their forthcoming album. 

"When we interviewed Calyx & Teebee in November they told us the focus was in progressing their sound, exploring themes and styles that they haven’t ventured into before – stepping out of their comfort zones if you will. Their latest single "Long Gone/Sawn Off" is testament to that statement and has proven that the pair are not scared to dip into unfamiliar territories.

Defining their vast repertoire of styles, Calyx steps up to lay down the vocal duties in "Long Gone" – something that is seen so rarely in drum and bass production these days. "Sawn Off" brings back the hard hitting aggressive Calyx & Teebee sound, one that is only achievable by a team who've been running the game for decades.

With an album laying just out of reach they are a formidable force to be reckoned with and this EP proves it will be worth the wait.

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