June Miller & Mefjus - Saus (Official Video)Watch the new video for Saus here

Check out the music video for June Miller & Mefjus' collaboration 'Saus' Bare-knuckled and still swinging, this EP sees June Miller entering round three and raising the bar yet another level. The precursor to their forthcoming album, from ‘The Promise Ring’ to the resounding brass of ‘Saus’, it certainly sets a precedent. 
Rolling out first is a record featuring Mefjus, a production freight-train who’s been setting the competition alight in recent months. ‘Saus’ is no different, with June Miller intertwining a tightly compact composition which smashes your synapses on impact. Rattling through on tracks of unhinged percussion, prepare yourself for a musical excursion which will take you through the darkest depths of drum and bass. But what else could you expect, when the talents of June Miller and Mefjus are so effortlessly combined? Buy via - iTunes - po.st/UpsDownsEPiT
RAM Shop - po.st/UpsDownsEPRAMv2
Beatport - po.st/UpsDownsEPBP
Spotify - po.st/UpsDownsEPST  



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