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Within the Ram Records discography, there's a host of artists who visit on guest appearances. That's because Ram not only explores the sound which has made them so identifiable, but also the full spectrum that's defined drum & bass over the past twenty five years. And for their next release, they're joined by Original Sin for another addition to their definitive back catalogue. Despite Original Sin being renowned for his hard-driving, dancefloor tearing riddims, this time he's delivered a more festival-focused record, featuring the vocal prowess of BB. Diamond and helping to exemplify the extensive range his production standard is able to stretch into.

BB. Diamond's vocals add a welcome, summer-infused underpinning to 'Lost', Original Sin's first ever appearance on Ram Records. It's the perfect track to lead any stage crescendo this season, sure to become a chief selection in sets across both the UK and Europe. Showing a different dimension to Original Sin's engineering, 'Lost' presents a side often not attributed to the producer and pedestals him as a multi-faceted artist. However, he still channels the heavy drum peddles which made his original productions recognisable, although amongst the pitched synth and electronic guitar strums which makes the mix weightier without taking away from its emotive breakdowns. Original Sinproves his position within the Ram history books and 'Lost' is a stellar addition to its trophy cabinet of releases.

So once again, it's time to add to Ram's huge expanse of influence, which is spearheaded by the artists who offer their music to its record collection. Alongside artists like Original Sin, they'll continue to thrive, past a milestone enviable to even the most renowned dance music labels.

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