Wilkinson - Hypnotic [Vinyl Box Set]

Label: RAM Records Cat: RAMMLP29 Format: VINYL
4 X 12" VINYL 14 Tracks £39.99 Buy 4 x 12" Vinyl


A1. Wilkinson - Hypnotic (feat. Shannon Saunders)
B1. Wilkinson - We Will Be (feat. Matt Wills)
B2. Wilkinson - Wash Away
C1. Wilkinson - Sweet Lies (feat. Karen Harding)
C2. Wilkinson - Breathe (feat. Shannon Saunders)
D1. Wilkinson - Take Me Home (feat. Andreya Triana)
D2. Wilkinson - Brand New
E1. Wilkinson - Only the Innocent (feat. Raphaella)
E2. Wilkinson - In the Dark (feat. Livvi Franc)
F1. Wilkinson - Heaven (feat. Shannon Saunders)
F2. Wilkinson - Let You Know
G1. Wilkinson - Run (feat. Jem Cooke)
H1. Wilkinson - Flatline (feat. Wretch 32)
H2. Wilkinson - Faded (feat. Negin Djafari)

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4x12" Vinyl - 1st 100 copies to be pre-ordered from the store will be hand signed by Wilkinson!