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With the release of Audio's brand new album [Unsocial], a game changing marker for the artist, RAM Records follows suit with a physical release of the LP through a USB package. Including bonus track 'EXILED', an exclusive part of the USB track list not yet revealed to fans, there is an extremely limited run of the product. So get yours quick for your chance to own previously unreleased Audio material and to commemorate the expansion of Audio's sound over the last eighteen months through [Unsocial].  

USB includes:
01. Tundra
02. Claymore
03. Fool's Paradise
04. Project 1
05. Sanctuary
06. Lost
07. Ooze This
08. Sulfur
09. Feral
10. Clash
11. Omega
12. Yellow Was the Light
13. Exiled (USB Exclusive) 

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