• Bespoke Killbox 4GB usb pre- loaded with the Devine Profits album in WAV format
  • Leather box with gold logo, limited edition to 100  Killbox bank notes 
  • Exclusive album poster only available as part of the usb box set

Celebrating Killbox’s brand new, second LP ‘Divine Profits’ on Ram Records, we’ll be launching an exclusive USB package which dives deep into the album’s themes, which includes merchandise you’ll not be able to get elsewhere. Including a bespoke 4GB USB pre-loaded with the ‘Divine Profits’ full track list, it’ll be pristinely packaged in its own leather box with an embossed Killbox gold logo. You’ll also receive a limited edition Killbox bank note (of which there are only 100), which can be seen debuted within their ‘Rodan’ music video due to be launched later this month. Only available as part of the box set too will be an artwork poster from the album, which will not be available again once they're gone. Be sure to grab yours quickly - as with so much special content, stocks won't last. 

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