RAMM105 sees DC Breaks at their drum & bass best, packing this release with all their trademark energy and enough bass to drop an elephant at 40 paces.

Taking you in slowly, ‘Creeper’ starts out with gently filtered breaks and echoing bleeps that lead you into a false sense of security. Before long a vocal sample heralds the coming drop and a grinding bassline slaps you round the face, insisting that you move your body to its winding, hypnotic curse. Expertly chopped breaks emphasise the end of each phrase and show just why DC Breaks have become revered for their studio skills.

Then ‘Horror’ screeches into view with an almighty attitude and a set of subs that threaten to knock you off your feet. A bloodcurdling bassline and immensely scary synth leads punctuate the intro with a call and response formula that’s impossible to resist and a brilliant sample snippet leads you towards the inevitable dance floor destruction. By the time the drop comes everyone will be reaching for the reload as DC Breaks’ signature strong drums and weighty bass notes hit home. Pure mayhem, guaranteed!

DC Breaks

A: Creeper 
AA: Horror

Catalogue Number: RAMM105 
Digital Release Date: 25th September 2011 
Vinyl Release Date : 26th September 2011

RAMM105 - DC Breaks - Creeper / Horror by RAM Records


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